Volunteers & Visitors

IPER tries to promote volunteerism amongst people especially the skilled. It is a fact every member of society need to play their role in developing the society and people around it and contribute in whatever way they can for their development.

To inculcate this spirit many educational institutions has made it mandatory for the students to work in a social field and are given credit for the same.
IPER has a regular flow of volunteers ranging from school students to office goers, from home makers to professional, young people to senior citizens. They come from within the country as well as other countries. They range from national level universities to Corporate Houses and also non-government organisations.

What volunteers can do

What kind of projects can volunteers work in

  • Teach the children Communicative English
  • Visit the Community Learning Centres
  • Participate in community awareness programmes, street corner dramas and other outreach activities
  • Do creative work with children like craft work, origami, games
  • Teach music both vocal and instrumental
  • Carry out research, dissertation and projects
  • Participate in Early Childhood Education Programme
  • Share the culture of the country volunteer is coming from

Visits to the following places can be organised according to the interest of the volunteer:

  • State / Private Hospitals
  • Mothers Teresa’s House
  • School for special-children
  • Special Landmark Places of  Calcutta [Present Kolkata]

IPER can arrange for Cultural experience to the Volunteer giving a glimpse of the Dance, Music and Drama programme of Bengal. Interact with children and know the perception of a child of the world. 

Stay at IPER is economical facilitating easy access to IPER’s projects.


Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland

IPER has a long lasting partnership with Diaconia University of Applied Sciences  International student exchange programme. Since 1992 students from Diaconia is coming to IPER as interns for their graduation. They do the internship during spring and autumn for at least 8 to 9 weeks.

Universities & Institutes of India and abroad too send Students for Internship

A programme is drawn up for them which includes working with children in different activities and in Community Centres with children in accordance to the project designed by them.

Resource Centre for Training

IPER also functions as a Resource Centre for trainees and students for social work, journalism, law, anthropology, sociology and applied psychology for their field exposure, practical training, dissertation and research from Indian and foreign Universities.