Projects run with education as a focus

Smile Foundation – Education of Underprivileged Children

This project under Mission Education Programme of Smile Foundation is operational in KMC Wards 65, 81, 88, 89, 93 & 94 with 300+ children coming from local slums. The project is partly supported by Smile Foundation and the remaining part is generated by IPER through ‘Action-For-Children’ efforts. The project works through a series of interventions from transitional education to remedial coaching. Three Community Learning Centres are run under the Project. The Learning Centres beside education and nutritional support provide facilities for the development of the children through regular interaction with formal school students and different sections of professional people. Remedial coaching is given in 2 formal schools to the children who are lagging behind in their class achievement. They are given required support for learning at their pace and expected achievement of her or his class and age. Supportive Remedial Classes are provided for children from at least twenty local govt. aided schools since 2010. Children are given Midday Meal and snacks for all the class days. Mothers’ meetings are held once a quarter along with interaction with people in the community. Health Check-up and required medical interventions when someone is sick are carried out.

Special Coaching – Siksha Mita


Learning Wonders – A Pre-Primary Learning Centre

IPER’s conviction to, and commitment for, quality education for children led to the formation of ‘Learning Wonders’ in 2011. It is a coeducational, experimental initiative for teaching children in English as a medium in the Pre-Primary & Primary stage. Parents, who rarely can afford English education with English as the medium of teaching for their children, now get the scope of sending their wards to this centre. Now in its sixth year, the centre caters to 25 children at the Pre-Primary and Primary stage. The age group is 2+ years onwards till Class IV. The quality education program emphasises on LEARNING rather than TEACHING The Centre uses the Activity Based Learning (ABL) model followed in most premium schools in India & abroad.

National Child Labour Project – NCLP

With the support of the Ministry of Labour, Government of India, the National Child Labour Project is run by IPER in Kolkata and South 24 Parganas. The programme was taken up by IPER due to its firm belief that child labour, in whatever form it exists, is injurious to the child and interferes with the normal developmental needs of the child like her education, recreation, social and cultural development opportunities. The main objective of the programme is to bring all children within the fold of literacy so that they are prepared for mainstream formal education system.In this Project 8 Special Schools are run with 400+ children who are withdrawn from the labour market.  60% of the attending children are girls Each school has 50 children, weaned away from the labour market, and runs for 4 hours for six days.

One is run under the Department of Labour Government of West Bengal in Kolkata and the other seven in the District of South 24 Parganas in Maheshtala, Surjapur and Mallickpur. Beside education the children are given a cooked meal and a stipend of Rs.150 per month. Besides academics, pre-Vocational training activities for children above 11 years are given. Children are mainstreamed in formal schools after being prepared for admission