Programmes on Rights of the Child (CRC)

Training in Self-defense – Sports for Peace

Since 2013 IPER is holding self-defense training with GeoStatis Trust Training started with TaekWon-Do, Boxing and Muay Thai for children as a programme on Sports for Peace. Learning self-defence is now seen as a necessity for girls given the current instances of violence on women.

Dance Movement Therapy

IPER introduced Dance Movement Therapy by Sanved in 2014 for the girls of the Open Shelter to help them to express and resolve their physical and psychological problems.

Psychometric testing & Guidance

IPER developed and standardized a number of psychological tests on intelligence, interest, personality, reasoning and allied traits. These tests developed in English and regional languages are suitable for scientific assessment of attributes of both adults and children.

Life Skill Training

The target group of children and women with whom IPER works come from vulnerable backgrounds. They lack many of the skills necessary for their optimal development. Therefore Life skills training forms an integral part of IPER’s work with them. Focus was on communication, anger management, conflict resolution as most children had problems in these areas.