IPER - SWADHINA - A Programme To Empower Women ….

  • Enable Them to Speak for Themselves!
  • Make Them Independent Human Being!
  • Decide Their Own Future & Action !

WOMEN – still considered to be burden in majority of families; after six decades of independence women literacy is 54.16% while for men it is 75.85% coupled with denial of proper social and legal rights SHE is the worst affected person in the family……..
This started the journey for a programme on women empowerment. But the girls and the young women no education helps them as they drop-out early, get married soon and spent the rest of their life in the bedroom and kitchen with no life of their own, They are made to forego what their due rights on the plea that their life is for their children and husbands and without them their existence does not have any meaning. These women are constantly made victims of abuse and violence in the family in spite of their being the sole bread earner for the family. They do not get the opportunity to pursue a decent life least to speak of higher education or a fruitful employment – compelled to work as domestics when they come of age. These girls not only have any future of improvement but also are at risk of being abused and violated. In order to give these girls a chance to gain a life of dignity and economic independence. IPER launched a skill development programme through vocational training for young girls and women in distress in the year 2001.
Started as a wing of IPER the programme was aptly called ‘IPER Swadhina’ (Independent Women). It is a programme to build the capacity of the women to be self-dependent and confident human beings. It works closely with the marginalized and deprived women population – living in the slums and shanties…destined to work as domestic help…with no future to dream of …

IPE R-SWADHINA tries to give them :

  • Income generation skills
  • Vocational training
  • Functional literacy
  • Information on health & hygiene
  • Life skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Social empowerment

IPER-SWADHINA presently is having a production-cum-training workshop with young girls and women from the locality. Many of them are the girls who are trained at IPER and are engaged profitably in the production unit of IPER-SWADHINA.
Different things are produced by them which include-

  • Embroidered sari & blouse pieces
  • Embroidered bags in both fabric & jute
  • Fabric painted T-Shirts
  • Delicate silk Clutch-Bags
  • Cloth Files
  • Hand-made Paper Files
  • Hand-made Paper Note Pads & Diaries
  • Greeting Cards
  • Fancy Paper Jackets & Gift Bags
  • Decorative Toys & Jute Dolls
  • Jute products of different types

IPER is also working under the Short Term Vocational Training [STVT] of Government of West Bengal and is running a 6 months’ Beautician Course under expert guidance. IPER Swadhina is also taking on the campaign of plastic free shopping to a greater level as it is promoting the use of non-plastic and cloth carry bags in the fairs and slums of the city. The IPER Swadhina team also carries out marketing through participation in exhibitions, display of products and also efficiently carries out individual and bulk orders.

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