Research & Publications

IPER during its long tenure of work published a number of books, reports, brochures, bulletins which are based on the experiences and findings that IPER acquired during its work.

Reading materials on Values for Primary School children were published and shared with schools under the Government of India programme. Beside the books suitable for Grades I to V several interactive materials and music CDs were developed on Values for the Primary Stage. 'Primers on Child Rights' for young trainers were published both in English and Bengali language and were shared with schools.

Posters, stickers, book-marks and booklets were designed and printed for awareness generation on such issues as protection against violence, gender based discrimination, harms of smoking on children, drug abuse and so on.

Research & Studies:
Measurement of Juvenile Delinquency

In 1979-80 IPER conducted a study of Juvenile Delinquency based on the data collected from the records of the Juvenile Court at Calcutta. The same research sponsored by ICSSR developed a weighted scale for measuring different offences committed by the young delinquents.

Individual Case Study on SMM Home at Liluah

In 1986 IPER was visited the SMM Home for the abused girls at Liluah run under the Government of West Bengal to carry out an individual case study of all the inmates of the Home. Besides recording the case histories and preparing inventories of nearly 550 inmates of the Home IPER held a critical analysis of the different problems confronting the Home with suggestions for their possible solutions.

Situational Analysis of Street Children

IPER conducted a comprehensive Situational Analysis of Street Children in the city of Kolkata and Hyderabad in 1989-90 along with 4 other cities namely, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kanpur by designing and monitoring them with local non-government organisations. The study conducted under the Ministry of Welfare and UNICEF is the first authentic study on the situation of street children in the big metros of India. The Reports were published by the National Labour Institute (NLI). Similar studies were carried out once again for Kolkata in 1995-96 with the assistance of UNICEF.

Directory of NGOs Working with Street and Working Children

IPER in late 1993 undertook the task of compiling a Directory of NGOs working with street and working children in the city of Kolkata under the aegis of UNICEF.


IPER With support from UNICEF prepared a Training Manual for Teachers, Parents & Caregivers on Dealing with Traumatised Children. UNICEF also supported IPER to prepare 'Parental Effectiveness Training Manual' PEP and a 'Manual for Dealing with Children in Disaster' in the perspective of the flood situation in Malda District.

IPER with the support of NFICH an organisation of Netherlands supported a study on 1000+ high-risk children suffering from anemia to assess the impact of a planned intervention under the title ‘Psychological, Somatic & Social Interventions for the High-Risk Children of Kolkata’.

Other Studies

IPER also conducted several research studies on children like 'Psycho-social Impact of their Occupation on the Ragpickers', 'Psychological Degeneration of Girl Children Smuggled Across the Border', 'Impact of Family Violence on Children’. Another study known as 'Humanising Child Labour' was published by IPER in the form of a book. In 1996 IPER in collaboration with CHILDHOPE Asia (Philippines) brought out a study on street children known as 'Learning from the Families on the Edge'.

Generation of IEC Materials

IPER works on behaviour change programme of different stakeholder groups on issues on development and well being of people especially children and women. It has designed and developed materials like -

    1. 1. Print and Audio-Visual materials on health, education and advocacy on need of literacy, stop of social and gender-based discrimination, violence and abuse, participation in decision making and so on
    2. Posters, stickers, book marks, brochures and similar items on -
      2.1 Child Labour
      2.2 Child Abuse
      2.3 Child marriage
      2.4 Child Rights
      2.5 Protection from Violence
      2.6 Women’s rights
      2.7 HIV & AIDS
      2.8 Anti Tobacco & Smoke-free Society
      2.9 Drug Control Programme
      2.10 Anti pollution campaign

IPER publishes a number of bulletins on social issues like child abuse, child labour, need of literacy, child protection.


IPER is bringing out a children’s magazine with Bengali, English and Hindi write-ups, drawings, poems written and presented by children.