Health and Nutrition

One of the basic rights of every child is the Right to get best possible Health-Care and treatment when sick. IPER has made health care a crosscutting component in all the projects that it is carrying out.


  • To make people aware that health is a major need and must be attended regularly for healthy development of the child

The Health programme at IPER includes health check-up, providing treatment in cases of different ailments like Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, ENT, skin infection, dental carries, pain and ache in the body, amoebiosis, general debility and weakness. Beside cases of general sickness special cases of illness are treated either in IPER Health Clinics or by referring the case to a State Hospital or Private clinic. Such special cases are dealt with as Heart operations, surgical interventions, Dengue, Malaria and so on. IPER also extends support to cases of accidents.

One of the major reasons of deteriorating general health in children is worm-infection. De-worming sessions are carried out with children attending IPER as well as the formal schools that IPER is working with. Necessary pathological investigations are carried out with the help of Diagnostic Centres. Follow-up of cases form an integral part of the Medical interventions.

IPER carried out a major study for three consecutive years in assessing the impact of nutrition on anaemia that is Haemoglobin count on children living in impoverished conditions. It revealed that interventions in areas of food, awareness on healthy eating habits, nourishment have direct impact on the improvement of Hb count of children.

The Health care services are rendered through -

  • IPER Clinic -- both static and mobile for children and women
  • Health check-up and screening
  • Eye check-up camp
  • Provision of medicines to prevent worms
  • Assessment of Hemoglobin and planned intervention to restore normalcy where required
  • Holding Pulse Polio Camps
  • Immunization of babies from slums
  • Inculcation of healthy habits by observing 'Hand Washing Day',
  • Campaigning on awareness on nutrition value of different food items and their cooking
  • Supplying some basic items of cleanliness like soap, detergent powder, toothpaste, combs to children

Nutritional Supplementation
IPER arranges for Nutritional supplementation through a meal a-day programme for more than 700 children for 6 days a week. Daily 100+ children get their mid-day meal at IPER’s own campus located at Lake Gardens Kolkata. For the purpose IPER runs a kitchen at its own premises. It also provides mid-day meal to several out-reach educational centers held in the Community by out sourcing the cooking. With this effort nearly 400+ children get a meal a day.