Community Work

Community is the base of all social work that IPER is doing. In the early years when IPER was working with children especially child workers, street children it was felt that the services that are organized in IPER with the children often do not get fully utilised as the communities and the families are not involved.
With this learning since last three decades the work of IPER has assumed a much larger area namely the family and the community that the children live in.
IPER has taken up community mobilisation in partnership with the Municipal bodies in maintaining infrastructure built in the community like toilets, garbage disposal system through behaviour change and training of the users.
With the CHILDLINE Project of IPER community campaigns are done on such social issues like child marriage, child labour, protection of children, rights of children. drug addiction, disability.
IPER also initiated a programme with training from British Council titled as Active Citizen to build a team of Volunteers as Active Citizens who would work as active members of the community to bring about changes according to the felt needs of the community people.

Other community related activities taken-up by IPER are

  • women's meetings
  • parent's discussion sessions
  • protection group formation
  • youth team building exercises
  • creating a ‘No Smoking Zone’ especially near schools and hospitals
  • preventing use of plastic for protecting environment ‘No Plastic Zone’ is created with alternatives
  • campaigning against addiction of drugs and alcohol
  • holding street dramas on social issues by children
  • holding awareness programmes on social issues like Child Rights, child protection, women’s rights, combating child abuse and child labour, protection from violence, superstitions against different health related issues and similar issues
  • campaign on protection of environment and make it eco-friendly
  • Workshops for stakeholder groups like police, councilors, members from local youth groups
  • Campaigning 'Heath & Nutrition' and 'Healthy Eating Habits', and so on

Strategies that are followed with the community members to form self-help groups to understand their needs and address them through such methods as -

  • Social mapping
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Street drama
  • Signature campaign on issues like prevention of child labour, child marriage, gender based discrimination
  • Initiating Resource Centres in the community

Environmental Improvement To sensitized and make community aware on healthy

  • Hold campaigns on healthy environment.
  • Help for proper disposal of garbage.
  • Protection of the plants and prevention of felling of trees.
  • Reduction and cleaning of Garbage with the help of community.
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