Success Stories

IPER can boast of a number of her children who has made the work of IPER worth pursuing

Ganga Jha

Ganga a talented and determined girl since her childhood grew-up under the care and guidance of IPER. She is now Commerce graduate and working in a firm with a decent salary. A beautiful singer and enthusiast to participate in all musical and oratorical competitions she has bagged many prizes and awards. Presently she is the main support to her family of five.

Nikki Singh

Nikki living in the neighborhood came to IPER when she was 6 years old and went through her school days under the caring guidance of IPER. She is now a Political Science Honours graduate with hard work and dedication. Nikki a sponsored girl supplements her support from IPER by giving tuition a passion of hers.

Swapna Naskar

Swapna grew-up in IPER with her two elder brothers. Though the brothers dropped out Swapna continued her education and soon would be a graduate under Calcutta University. A very eager girl she is fully aware of her future plan and career.

Samit Das

Samit son of a cobbler had the grit to take his fate by the horn and passed his school and is now doing his graduation in science stream. A good painter and an avid learner of TaekWondo he has won prizes in National and International competitions. Samit is also working as a trainer in self-defense. He has also taken training in ECCE course.

Shubhra Pandit

Shubhra came to IPER when she could hardly walk and now a young girl with a future in higher education completed her school in 2015. She is taking lessons in TaekWondo, Kick-boxing and Muay Thai techniques and has won silver and gold medals in National Competitions amongst girls. Shubhra also excels in musical and theatrical skills.

Jayanta Patra

A boy full of life and eager to participate in all programmes of IPER Jayanta completed his schooling and is in the graduation stage under Calcutta University. Jayanta loves to play guitar and sing at the same time, has basic knowledge of Computer Hardware repairing. He has completed the Early Childhood Care and Education Course of IPER.

Pampa Gayen

Pampa a girl with eagerness to learn everything and with histrionic skills writes the script of the skit directs and acts. She has completed her schooling and is pursuing graduation with History Honours. A good singer and painter she always has a pleasing appearance.

Ganga Shi

Ganga came to IPER when she was just 8 years. A stubborn and always up to some mischief Ganga knows her own decisions very well. She has a very high aspiration to have a good career in academics. Her determination has yielded result and she has secured first division grade in her School leaving exanimation. Good in self-defense skills of TaekWondo, Kick-boxing she secured Bronze Medal in one of the National competitions.

Raju Haldar

Raju is a very sweet looking boy with quiet features and sponsored for his painting skills has completed his school leaving examination and is aspiring for technical education in Polytechnics.

Monorama Mondal

Monorama came to IPER at the age of 12. Interested in drawing, singing, writing poetry she has faced many upheavals in life but her determination to ensure a career for herself won at the end. She is now pursuing her graduation under Calcutta University and has secured a position of a Trainer in Computers in a Computer school.

Monti Singh – Aparna Pramanik – Krishna Das – Sabina Yasmin – Ranjan Baidya And many more are pursuing their academic life under the caring atmosphere and guidance of IPER. Some are thrilled to take-up newer challenges in life and often in spite of the hardship come out unscathed.