For millions of children all over the world poverty, hunger and disease are everyday realities. These children are exposed to intense and multiple risks to physical and mental health, together with an inability to withstand such risks.
They are suffering from many and multifarious crises. The crisis of development, healthy living, nourishment and health care.These children are deprived of education, healthy recreation or any kind of social participation. They are growing up without proper shelter from heat, cold and rain and clothes for protection. They are not even fully aware of their basic needs and rights.
The Sponsorship programme was started in 2001 because of tremendous zeal and enthusiasm shown by a few visiting students of Social Work from the Diakonia Institute of Finland. Students who do their practical work at IPER interact with children, develop a close relationship with them. It was basically under the leadership of two students who did the initial framework and the IPER Sponsorship Programme took a wider shape in their hand. Now fifteen years old the programme has more than 100 children sponsored both by sponsors from India and abroad.

But the need is much more!
We are catering to almost 3000 children from the under-privileged section through different programme but it is shorter than the requirement. The sponsorship programme can meet the basic needs of the child-her need for Education, Health care and Nutrition.
We invite you to join as a sponsor in this endeavour of ours!

  • IPER has a Day Care Centre for the sponsored children
  • A kitchen where all the sponsored children get one meal a day
  • A Children’s Clinic for medical check-up with medicines and other intervention as required
  • Counseling takes a major part in our activities with children
  • They are also provided with need based counselling, academic guidance and value education
  • A vocational training for the girls who are school drop-outs in our Institute. The boys who are school drop-outs are sent to different vocational-training schools/workshops for employable training.

Spare some time and money and sponsor a child. Your sponsorship will be instrumental to the saving of at least one hapless child from the spectra of total deprivation and ensure a healthy future for her.
Pay €12/£10/$12 equivalent INR per month for a child, your sponsored child will get all assistance for his or her education, health care and one nutritious meal a day.

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