Skill Development

Children are born with different talents which remain dormant unless given scope of development. These children are deprived of the required training and opportunities for development. Based on the Rights of the Child IPER has undertaken the task of developing these latent talents in the children.
IPER is trying to nurture the talents of the children who are marginalized by building their capacity through programme like:

  • Cultural skills in the children
  • Life-skills
  • Pre-vocational skills for future career
  • Social skills like communication and leadership
  • Self-defense like TAEWKONDO, Kick-Boxing, Muay Thai especially for girls who are at a greater disadvantage and suffer exploitation more than the boys
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Communication skills
  • Dance Movement Therapy [DMT]
  • Drawing , creative writing and art therapy
  • Story Reading & Story telling

Children also participate in programme organized outside IPER and often win prizes for their contribution. Children who attended TAEWKONDO National and International competitions won medals for first, second and third positions.Along with children IPER is also working with youth groups who are being trained for the future life they are expected to live in their adulthood.
These courses are :

  • Computer Training
  • Beauticians' Course under the STVT programme of Government of West Bengal
  • Training on job preparedness
  • income generation programme on empowering women through training on cutting & tailorin, jute products, handicraft with hand-made paper products and so on
  • Started as a wing of IPER - ‘IPER Swadhina’ is working more intensely for the downtrodden and deprived section of the women population in building their income generation skills.

The products for which training is given include:

  • Embroidered fabrics, cotton bags & jute bags, silk clutch-bags
  • Cloth and hand-made paper files
  • Hand-made paper products like note pads, diaries, photo frames, gift bags, paper jackets
  • Greeting cards & book-marks
  • Decorative toys, jute dolls & key rings
  • Craft objects, candles and handmade jewellery
  • Designer jackets and salwar suits
  • Souvenir with handmade materials
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