Partners & Supporters

IPER is supported by Ministries of Women and Child Development, Social Justice and Empowerment, Human Resource Development and Labour of Government of India. The Government of West Bengal especially the Department of Women and Child Development, School Education, Labour and Health render help by providing different materials like text books, logistic support and most Important by processing and recommending the projects to the Central Government with the required inspection and monitoring reports.

Other major supporters are District Administrations of South 24 Prgs, Reach_India USAID, GOAL India, Save the Children India, NIWANO Peace Foundation, NFICH, UNICEF, ILO, Diakonia University of Applied Sciences, Smile Foundation, Better Life Kolkata. IPER also works with innumerable individuals and organizations both government and non-government, who by their unstinted support helped to implement the different programmes in a fruitful and effective manner.


Last but not the least IPER thanks the people living in the communities, parents and the children who by their active participation, involvement and contribution made the programme run by IPER meaningful and successful. Most importantly they have justified the very existence of IPER.

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