IPER believes that

  • EDUCATION is the most powerful tool for all development & strength
  • EDUCATION and Quality Education is the Right of Every Child

IPER, a premier organisation with the disadvantaged population especially children and women for more than four decades in the city of Kolkata and around, has launched and completed a number of projects on education. Working in the field of education IPER felt that the major victim of education given in the schools is its quality which affects the learning of children and curbs retention. The girls are doubly disadvantaged. One for their gender and other for being the hidden work force within the home and community. The ultimate result is that the schools are often pushing the children out from the education system rather than pulling them in.
To address these IPER initiated programme on training of teachers, school administrators on quality, materials and participatory teaching-learning processes. IPER also supplements the educational programme with such support as health-care, nutrition, economic skill training, life skill training, computer skills and recreational facilities.

The beneficiaries include children

  • engaged in labour
  • living on the streets
  • in prostitution
  • abused
  • in conflict with law
  • who are deprived of their rights

To address these issues IPER facilitates:

  • Setting-up Community Learning Centres taking education to the door-step of every Child
  • Awareness on the need of education through street drama, camps, social mapping, FGD
  • SCHOOL-ON-WHEELS for smaller pockets where Community Learning Centres cannot be run
  • Mainstreaming of children with technical, material and financial support
  • Training of ladies as Local Educators
  • Learning Wonders -An English Medium Quality Learning Centre for Children


  • With Schools
  • Orientation Meeting of Head Teachers
  • Formed Parent Teachers groups
  • Held PTA Meetings
  • Supplied Learning Materials
  • Formed Resource Corners

With Children

  • Identification of minimum learning skills for different grades
  • Bridge Courses for out-of-school children
  • Mainstreaming & supporting children in schools
  • Remedial Coaching
  • Planning of lessons per the skills for the child
  • Supporting educational cost in schools

IPER Developed & Published

  • Manual for Parents’ Education Programme’ supported by UNICEF
  • Training Manual for Teachers for English & Bengali language supported by USAID-Reach-India
  • Materials for Culture & Value Education & Training of Teachers supported by Ministry of HRD
  • Primers – Class I – IV
  • Value Cards
  • Audio CD on Value Education
  • Visual CD on Value Education
  • Learning materials for primary grades
  • Learning Boards for SCHOOL-ON-WHEELS
  • ‘Teaching & Learning Materials on Government prescribed Bengali Text Books’ supported by UNICEF
  • Identification of minimum learning skills for different grades & suitable pocket boards
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