IPER believes that:

  • EDUCATION is the most powerful tool for all development & strength
  • It is a Right of Every Child

IPER is firmly rooted in the conviction that education is both the means as well as the end to a better life. Education empowers a person to earn her livelihood, know the rights and responsibilities and finally evolve into a better citizen.

Working in the field of education for more than four decades  IPER felt that the major victim in the schools is quality education and hence retention. So IPER facilitates quality education to underprivileged children focusing on self-learning.

The areas that are touched upon are


IPER works with Primary& Upper Primary school teachers demonstrating modern methodology in the class-room, forming Resource Corners in the schools and making efforts to improve school infrastructure through linkages with other support agencies.


IPER tries to identify minimum learning skills for different grades and plan  lessons accordingly,  holding Bridge Courses and remedial coaching for children, counselling, supplementary activities like health care and nutrition. Sponsorship for the education of the children is done. To carry coaching facility to children in smaller pockets SCHOOL-ON-WHEELS facility is tried. Many children have latent talents facilities  for their development too is in IPER’s programme.


To sensitise the teachers programme on training on quality education, communication, learning methodology along with developing learning materials, assessment, classroom management, enriching curricular and co-curricular activities, and hands-on-training has been taken-up.


To make the community partner to the educational efforts of IPER and to bring the school to the door step of the child Community Learning Centres  (CLCs) have been set-up. They are held inside v the community in a local community hall of youth clubs. Regular awareness on the need of education through street drama, camps, social mapping, FGD are held. Training of ladies as Local Educators is another programme