Protection Committees

The idea of having Protection Groups is to develop a system within the community for child protection. This is a plan adopted under the National and State Committee for Protection of Child Rights. Especially with the increase in the incidence of child abuse this has become an urgent need of the society.

IPER has the experience of developing such groups in different fields like schools, community, colleges and in non-formal education centers. IPER is a part of the formation of these groups.

Ward Level Child Protection Committee

IPER facilitated Ward Level Protection Group with the Kolkata CHILDLINE IPER Support team in KMC Ward 74 with the Councillor of the Ward as the Chairperson. Other members are CDPO, ICDS supervisor, representative of the District Child Protection Unit, child representative 12-18 years, local NGOs, CHILDLINE, Residential Welfare Association, Headmaster/Headmistress of local school, medical officer, parent representative, and CWO of local police station.

Children’s Committee

IPER facilitated Children’s Committee in schools and in the Open Shelter it is running. Children design their own plan and develop strategies for the implementation of the plan.