Documents and Publications

IPER Annual Report 2017-18

Every year in the Annual General Meeting the Annual Reports of the year is presented by the Director before the members of the Institute. The Annual Reports reflect the activities taken place during the year which commences in April and ends in March every year. Along with the activities the Report also brings out the different partnership that has taken place during the year as well as the progress attained by the projects that were carried out during the period. Difficulties faced and problems that were encountered too reaches the members by the report that the Director presents

Annual Report 2014–2015


IPER is publishing a Quarterly Magazine by, for and of children where they are in the Editorial Board along with a few adults as support. Udaan … meaning Flight ,the magazine embodies their flight of imagination.
This carries their writings in Bengal, English and Hindi. It also contains their creative drawings and poems wherein they express their desires and feelings.

Other Publications of IPER

IPER has brought out a Primer on the Convention on the Rights of the Child both in English and Bengali for the use of children and teachers.

Several publications are there on child labour such as Humanising Child Labour, Families Living on the Edge, Global Report on Child Exploitation and Neglect, Selected papers on Child Exploitation and Neglect, Parental Effectiveness Training Manual, Training Manual for Training Parents, Teachers and Care-givers on Ways of Dealing with Traumatised Children and so on.

Training Manual Teachers, Caregivers, Parents & NGO functionaries

IPER has prepared Training Manuals and Modules for different stakeholder groups like teachers, care-givers, social workers, parents, NGO functionaries, Social Welfare Officers and workers of Tea Gardens. We have a team of trainers who conduct these trainings.